Finnish-English translations for riippua

  • depend
    This should depend on the dossier. Kiinni pitämisen täytyy riippua asiasta. After all, democracy cannot be dependent on funding alone. Demokratia ei kuitenkaan voi riippua vain rahoituksesta. It may depend on education and experience, but under no circumstances on gender. Se voi riippua koulutuksesta tai kokemuksesta, mutta ei missään tapauksessa sukupuolesta.
  • hang
    The lights hung from the ceilingThe smoke hung in the roomHe hung his head in shame
  • depend (on
  • float
    The boat floated on the water.The oil floated on the float a boat
  • hinge
    This new cycle should therefore hinge on the implementation of reform and the achievement of concrete results. Uuden kauden pitäisikin riippua uudistuksen täytäntöönpanosta ja konkreettisten tulosten saavuttamisesta. This argument was the hinge on which the question turned.The flake hinged at an inclusion in the core
  • ride
    The cab rode him downtown.The witch cackled and rode away on her broomstick.How many races have you ridden this year?
  • sagA line or cable supported by its ends sags, even if it is tightly drawn.The floor of a room sags.A building may sag one way or another.
  • suspendThe meeting was suspended for suspend ones judgement or ones disbeliefto suspend a thread of execution in a computer program

Definition of riippua


  • riippuu hänen mielipiteestään
  • pyykki riippuu narulla

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