Finnish-English translations for riutua

  • languishIf they are real terrorists, then let them face justice and not languish in a detention camp that the Americans do not even dare to put within their own country. Jos he ovat todella terroristeja, heidät on asetettava syytteeseen eikä heidän saa antaa riutua pidätysleirillä, jota yhdysvaltalaiset eivät ole edes uskaltaneet perustaa omaan maahansa. He languished without his girlfriendHe languished in prison for years
  • pineThe northern slopes were covered mainly in pineLaura was pining for Bill all the time he was gone
  • consume
    The power plant consumes 30 tons of coal per hour.Baby birds consume their own weight in food each day.Desire consumed him.
  • linger
  • waste awayDo we have the right to let people waste away? Onko meillä oikeus antaa ihmisten riutua? She watched him waste away from lack of food or exercise.

Definition of riutua


  • Nuotion riutuva hiillos.

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