Finnish-English translations for side

  • bond
    It is the most important bond for a nation. Se on kansakunnan tärkein side. A child also has an undisputable right to bond with both parents. Lapsella on kiistaton oikeus luoda side kumpaankin vanhempaansa. It is very clear that it is not just mothers who need to bond with a newborn child. On erittäin selvää, että äidit eivät ole ainoita, joiden on luotava side vastasyntyneeseen lapseen.
  • bandagethis new healthcare proposal merely applies a bandage to the current medical crisis
  • alliancematrimonial alliances; an alliance between church and state, or between two countries
  • braceAll hands, brace for impact!Brace yourself!The boy has no idea about everything thats been going on. You need to brace him for whats about to happen.
  • dressing
  • ligaturethe ligature of a joint
  • patch
    His sleeves had patches on the elbows where different fabric had been sewn on to replace material that had worn away.I cant afford to replace the roof, which is what it really needs. Ill have the roofer apply a patch.Before you can fix a dam, you have to apply a patch to the hole so that everything can dry off.or that it is temporary because it is not meant to last long or will be removed as soon as a proper repair can be made, which will happen in the near future
  • restraintMake sure all the restraints are tight.Try to exercise restraint when talking to your boss.
  • strapping
  • swathe
  • tie
    Its two outs in the bottom of the ninth, tie scorethe sacred ties of friendship or of dutythe ties of allegiance

Definition of side

  • haavaa sitomaan ja peittämään asetettava kangaspala
  • emotionaalinen yhteys johonkin
  • se osa suksesta, johon mono kiinnitetään


  • Hyvin sidottu side tyrehdyttää verenvuodon, ei purista eikä päästä likaa haavaan.
  • Onko sinulla perheen kautta mitään siteitä Etelä-Eurooppaan?

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