Finnish-English translations for syöttö

  • feeding
  • delivery
    The delivery was completed by of a nuclear missile to its targetYour delivery is on the table.
  • pitch
    It is hard to get this pitch off my hand.They put pitch on the mast to protect it.The barrel was sealed with pitch.
  • serve
    Whose serve is it?to serve a witness with a subpoenaIve received a summons for jury duty. It says I serve one day or one trial.
  • assist
    A great part of the nobility assisted to his opinion.The foundation gave a much needed assist to the shelter.He had two assists in the game.
  • input
    The user inputs his date of birth and the computer displays his age.
  • maalia tehdessä) assist
  • pass
    They passed from room to roomYou will pass a house on your rightThe waiter passed biscuits and cheese
  • passing
    passing cars
  • service
    I say I did him a service by ending our relationship - now he can freely pursue his career.Hair care is a service industryThis machine provides the name service for the LAN
  • serving
    serving marinesa serving-girl
  • track
    Follow the track of the ship.Can you see any tracks in the snow?The fox tracks were still visible in the snow.
  • entry
    Children are allowed entry only if accompanied by an adult.What does the entry for 2 August 2005 say?The entry in the second row and first column of this matrix is 6.
  • hold
    Hold the pencil like thisThis package holds six bottlesThe general ordered the colonel to hold his position at all costs
  • inlet

Definition of syöttö


  • Lasta tulee imettää tai ruokkia pullosta rauhallisesti mahdollisimman pystyasennossa ja röyhtäyttää usein syötön välissä ja jälkeen. (
  • Sorvin syöttö ilmoitetaan millimetreinä kierrosta kohti.
  • Sahan ja jyrsimen syöttö ilmoitetaan millimetreinä hammasta kohti.
  • Java-kielen ohjelmien syöttö ja tulostus
  • langattoman verkon salasanan syöttö is a free online dictionary with more than 14 million translations.

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