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  • revert
    Weve found that git reverts are at least an order of magnitude faster than SVN reverse merges.If they attack, we will revert to the bunkerWhen a book goes out of print, rights revert from the publisher to the author
  • sour
    Lemons have a sour tasteDont drink that milk; its turned sourHis sour breath makes it unpleasing to talk to him
  • decline
    The dollar has declined rapidly since 2001My health declined in wintera line that declines from straightness
  • regress
    Nepal cannot be allowed to regress to a system whereby the King is undisputed ruler and the rights and lives of his subjects are in the hands of one man. Nepalin ei voida sallia taantua järjestelmäksi, jossa kuningas on kiistaton vallanpitäjä ja jossa hänen alaistensa oikeudet ja elämä ovat yhden miehen käsissä. When we regress Y on X, we use the values of variable X to predict those of Y.
  • retrogress

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