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  • face
    That girl has a pretty faceThe monkey pressed its face against the railingsWhy the sad face?
  • face/translations
  • facet
    This facet of the diamond was masterfully cut to enhance its valueThe childs learning disability was only one facet of the problems contributing to his delinquency.We had just about completed the research facet of the project when the order came to cancel it
  • party
    When the party placing the order is a public body, it represents the general public. Kun tilaajana on julkinen taho, se edustaa yleisöä. A party that acts against the rights of persons belonging to minorities, including linguistic rights, acts against the core values of the Union. Jos joku taho rikkoo toimissaan vähemmistöihin kuuluvien henkilöiden oikeuksia, esimerkiksi kielellisiä oikeuksia, se toimii unionin ydinarvojen vastaisesti. And that is why, Mr Santer, it should be noted from the discussion on the agenda that the Commission is not only the engine of integration, but also very much a party in this affair. Sen vuoksi, arvoisa puheenjohtaja Santer, jo Agenda-keskustelujen tilanteenkin kannalta on syytä huomata, että komissio ei ole vain yhdentymisen moottori, vaan myös siihen osallinen taho.

Definition of taho

  • toimija tai osapuoli jossakin asiassa


  • kukin poistuivat omalle taholleen
  • tarkastella monelta taholta

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