Finnish-English translations for tarkoitusperä

  • occasion
    At this point, she seized the occasion to make her own observationI had no occasion to feel offended, howeverI could think of two separate occasions when she had deliberately lied to me
  • score
    The player with the highest score is the winnerThe score is 8-1 even though its not even half-time!The test scores for this class were high
  • purpose
    Firstly, then, we need to ensure proportionality and purpose. Tämän vuoksi meidän on varmistettava oikeasuhteisuus ja tarkoitusperä. In other words, the purpose stated in the Commission proposal is demonstrably invalid and unfounded, and yet that is the basis on which the Council is working. Toisin sanoen komission ehdotuksessaan esittämä tarkoitusperä on selvästi pätemätön ja perusteeton, ja kuitenkin neuvosto työskentelee sen pohjalta. The purpose of turning off the lights overnight is to save energy.

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