Finnish-English translations for taru

  • fable
  • dagmar
  • Dagmar
  • fable
  • fairy taleI used to love reading fairy tales when I was a child.Hes telling us another fairy tale about how great the software will be.
  • fiction
    The company’s accounts contained a number of blatant fictions.I am a great reader of fiction.The butler’s account of the crime was pure fiction.
  • myth
    Myth was the product of mans emotion and imagination, acted upon by his surroundings. (E. Clodd, Myths & Dreams (1885), 7, cited after OEDScientists debunk the myth that gum stays in the human stomach for seven years.Father Flanagan was legendary, his institution an American myth. (Tucson (Arizona) Citizen, 20 September 1979, 5A/3, cited after OED
  • sagaNow it seems that the long SIS II saga is far from being finished. Nyt minusta vaikuttaa siltä, että SIS II -järjestelmän taru ei ole lähelläkään loppua.
  • taleDont tell tales!the Canterbury Tales

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