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  • meet
    I hope we may be able to meet there, too. Toivon, että voimme tavata myös siellä. I had the opportunity to meet the MEPs involved. Minulla oli tilaisuus tavata asianomaiset Euroopan parlamentin jäsenet. I am sure we will have the chance to meet up again. Olen varma, että meillä on tilaisuus tavata uudestaan.
  • decipher
  • meet up
    I am sure we will have the chance to meet up again. Olen varma, että meillä on tilaisuus tavata uudestaan. So it is with some pride and satisfaction that I find myself here and able to meet up again with some of my colleagues from those days who are still in this House. Sen tähden olen ylpeä ja tyytyväinen voidessani jälleen olla täällä, sillä olen saanut tavata uudestaan eräät silloiset kollegani, jotka ovat edelleen parlamentin jäseniä. The next time you come to my town, we should meet up somewhere.
  • rendezvous
    I have a rendezvous with a friend in three weeks“Get the party started at the rendezvous at oh six hours.”Lets rendezvous at the bordello at 8:00 and go from there
  • spell
    He cast a spell to cure warts.under a spellI find it difficult to spell because Im dyslexic.
  • tryst
  • come across
    A business suit and briefcase help her to come across as the competent professional she is.In the meadow he will come across a rare flower.You argued well in court but your firm doesnt pay its lawyers well, so why dont you come across to ours?
  • confront
    We should confront him about the missing money.
  • encounter
    Three armies encountered at Waterloo.Their encounter was a matter of chance
  • see
    Why does he not want to see him? Miksi Milosevi ei sitten halua tavata häntä? We do not want to see him, or talk to him again. Me emme halua tavata häntä emmekä enää puhua hänen kanssaan. This mother makes an appeal: 'I should like to see him once again'. Tämä äiti esittää vetoomuksen: ”Haluaisin tavata hänet vielä yhden kerran”.
  • To decipher (to read obscure or almost illegible text).
  • To spell (a word; to pronounce a word letter by letter).

Definition of tavata


  • tapaa minut lyhdyn luona
  • lyhdyn luona tavattiin
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