Finnish-English translations for tykki

  • gun
    Guns were considered improvements of crossbows and catapultsLooking for wild meat to fill his familys freezer for the winter, the young man quietly raised up his gun at the approaching deer.There are some guns that are not designed for killing
  • cannon
    In English billiards, a cannon is when ones cue ball strikes the other players cue ball and the red ball on the same shot; and it is worth two points.Hes got a cannon out in right.The white cannoned off the red onto the pink.
  • piece
    I’d like another piece of pieI’m a piece of humanitya piece of machinery
  • erit. tykistössä) artillery weapon
  • hardware
    He needed a hammer, nails, screws, nuts, bolts and other assorted hardware, so he went to the hardware storemilitary hardware
  • piece of artillery

Definition of tykki

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