Finnish-English translations for vaania

  • prowlWatch the lioness prowling in the shrubbery for zebras.Its tough to sneak vandalism into Wikipedia as there are plenty of other users prowling the Recent Changes page.That dandy has nothing better to do than prowl around town all day in his pinstripe suit.
  • ambuscade
  • lurkIn Kosovo's evolution to independence and Macedonia's NATO membership veto there may lurk potential dangers. Kosovon itsenäisyyskehityksessä ja Makedonian Nato-jäsenyyden hylkäämisessä voi vaania vaaroja.
  • stalk
    a stalk of wheat, rye, or oats; the stalks of maize or hempMy ex-girlfriend is stalking me

Definition of vaania


  • Kissa vaanii lintua.

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