Finnish-English translations for varusteet

  • appointment
    His appointment was deemed suitablethe appointment of treasurerThey made an appointment to meet at six.
  • equipment
    Secondly, the equipment of abattoirs has quite rightly been touched on. Toiseksi teurastamoiden varusteet otettiin puheeksi aivan aiheesta. The quality of soldiers and equipment is very poor and the size of the DRC is enormous. Sotilaiden koulutus ja varusteet ovat erittäin kehnoja, ja Kongon demokraattinen tasavalta on valtavan suuri. Milosevic' s willing servants are then welcome to hold on to the confiscated technical equipment. Sitten Miloeviæin auliit palvelijat saavat rauhassa pitää takavarikoimansa tekniset varusteet.
  • furniture
    The woman does not even have one stick of furniture moved in yetHow much furniture did they leave behind?A chair is furniture. Sofas are also furniture
  • gear
    We will do our best in order to exhaust our funding margins to make it possible for them to have better gear and to improve the selectivity of their gear. Teemme parhaamme käyttääksemme rahoituksen liikkumavaran, jotta kalastajien olisi mahdollisuus saada paremmat varusteet ja parantaa varusteidensa valikoimaa. This shop is not really geared towards people of our age.They have geared the hotel mainly at tourists.
  • outfit
    She wore a fashionable outfit with matching purse and shoesShould we buy it here, or do you think the outfit across town will have a better deal?The expedition was outfitted with proper clothing, food, and other necessities
  • paraphernalia
    He has an impressive collection of bicycling paraphernalia, but he doesnt ride very often anymore. is a free online dictionary with more than 14 million translations.

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