Finnish-English translations for vire

  • note
    I left him a note to remind him to take out the trasha promissory notea note of hand
  • puff
    out of puffpuff of smokecream puff
  • ripple
    I dropped a small stone into the pond and watched the ripples spread.The ebbing tide had left ripples in the sand.I enjoy fudge ripple ice cream, but I especially like to dig through the carton to get at the ripple part and eat only that.
  • shed
    To shed something in two.To shed the sheep from the lambs.A metal comb shed her golden hair.
  • tone
    Her rousing speech gave an upbeat tone to the rest of the evening.Children often read with a tone.This picture has tone.
  • tune
    Your engine needs a good tune.Your engine is now in tune.This piano is not in tune.

Definition of vire

  • heikosta tuulesta
  • vireinen olotila


  • Hentoinen iltatuulen vire viivähti kasvoilla vilvoitten.
  • Vire sai aikaan väreitä veden pintaan
  • Vire pysyi vahvan avauskierroksen jälkeen vaisuna.
  • joukkue oli oivassa vireessä.
  • Positiivinen vire
  • Nyt tämä piano on vihdoinkin vireessä.
  • Kitara voidaan virittää haluttuun vireeseen.
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