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  • supernatural
    In Roman Catholic theology, sanctifying grace is considered to be a supernatural addition to human nature.Stephen Kings first novel is about a girl named Carrie dealing with supernatural powers.The house is haunted by supernatural forces
  • occultYet in the public arena, and particularly in the political arena, all religious interference must be banned, all occultist influence denounced. Julkisella, ja erityisesti poliittisella foorumilla kaikenlainen uskonnollinen puuttuminen pitää kieltää ja yliluonnollinen vaikutusvalta tuomita. The Earth occults the Moon during a lunar eclipse.occult blood loss; occult cancer
  • paranormal
  • spiritual
    Respect towards ancestors is an essential part of Thai spiritual practicea spiritual substance or beingthe spiritual functions of the clergy; lords spiritual and temporal; a spiritual corporation
  • weird
    There are lots of weird people in this place.It was quite weird to bump into all my ex-girlfriends on the same day.There was a weird light shining above the hill.

Definition of yliluonnollinen

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