Finnish-English translations for kouru

  • gutterThe gutters must be cleared of leaves a few times a year.Get your mind out of the gutter.What kind of gutter language is that? I ought to wash your mouth out with soap.
  • chute
  • troughOne of Hanks chores was to slop the pigs trough each morning and evening.Ernest threw his paint brushes into a kind of trough he had fashioned from sheet metal that he kept in the sink.There was a small trough that the sump pump emptied into; it was filled with mosquito larvae.
  • wash
    The car is so dirty, we need to wash itDishwashers wash dishes much more efficiently than most humansHeavy rains wash a road or an embankment.

Definition of kouru

  • pitkänomainen, kovera väylä tai kuilu


  • Pallo vierii kourussa.
  • Nosta sanomalehti kourusta.

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