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  • egg
    The Union for the Mediterranean is the egg of Columbus, is it not! Välimeren unioni on Kolumbuksen muna, eikö vaan! Välimeri on järvi. Well, what we face here is the question of which comes first, the chicken or the egg. Koska vastassamme on kysymys siitä, kumpi tulee ensin, kana vai muna. The regulation has put about 15 pence on a dozen eggs. Lainsäädäntö on nostanut munatusinan hintaa noin 15 pennyllä.
  • egg/translations
  • balls
    Can you believe he can juggle six balls at once?After that shot his balls were really hurting!He must have a lot of balls to talk to his boss that way
  • ball
    a ball of spittle; a fecal balla ball of wool; a ball of twinethe ball of the thumb; the ball of the foot
  • ball (male genital
  • crustYouve got a lot of crust standing there saying thatto earn ones crust
  • dick
    That person is such a dickLast weekend I did dickDude, dont let them dick you around like that!
  • love egg
  • ovoid
  • swivel
    Bob aint got no swivel.

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