Finnish-English translations for tyylikäs

  • chic
  • classyThats a very classy outfit.That was a classy response.
  • smart
    After being hit with a pitch, the batter exclaimed "Ouch, my arm smarts!"smart bombsmart car
  • snazzy
  • stylish
  • ''om person
  • distingue
  • dressy
  • fly
    Birds of passage fly to warmer regions as it gets colder in winterThe Concorde flew from Paris to New York faster than any other passenger airplaneIt takes about eleven hours to fly from Frankfurt to Hong Kong
  • glamorous
  • good-looking classy nice
  • handsome
    a handsome garment, house, tree, or horsea handsome mana handsome style, etc.
  • jauntyHe wore a jaunty outfit that was all the rage.He walked down the street with a jaunty swaggering step, as if daring others less perfectly satisfied to intrude upon his good mood.
  • nattynatty dreadlocks
  • neat
    She has very neat hairI like my whisky neatThe molecular beam was neat acetylene
  • sharp
    I keep my knives sharp so that they dont slip unexpectedly while carvingErnest made the pencil too sharp and accidentally stabbed himself with itA face with sharp features
  • snappya snappy responseMake it snappy!Youre snappy this morning; did you not sleep well?
  • spruce
    That spruce table is beautiful!

Definition of tyylikäs

  • sellainen jossa on erityistä tyyliä; jonkin tyylin mukainen

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