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  • jatkaa
    Hänen pitäisi jatkaa tätä toimintaa. He should continue to do that. Jos se toimii, sitä voidaan jatkaa. If it does work we can continue. He haluavat jatkaa samaan suuntaan. They want to continue this trend.
  • jatkua
    Tilanne ei voi jatkua, eikä se saa jatkua näin. This cannot and must not continue. Tilanne ei voi jatkua tällaisena. This situation cannot continue. Sopimuksen on määrä jatkua - miksi? It is set to continue - and why?

Definition of continue

  • To proceed with ; to prolong
  • To make last; to prolong
  • To retain in a given state, position, etc
  • To remain in a given place or condition; to remain in connection with; to abide; to stay
  • To resume
  • To adjourn, prorogue, put off
  • To make a continuation bet
  • An option allowing a gamer to resume play after , when all have been lost
  • A which causes a to start executing the next , skipping the statements following it


  • Shall I continue speaking, or will you just interrupt me again?
  • Do you want me to continue to unload these?
  • When will the concert continue?
  • This meeting has been continued to the thirteenth of July


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