English-Spanish translations for surprise

  • sorpresaEsto fue una gran sorpresa para todos nosotros. This came as a great surprise to us. Sin embargo, me he llevado una grata sorpresa. I have been pleasantly surprised, however. Ahora bien, quiero manifestar una pequeña sorpresa. However, I have to express a little surprise.
  • sorprender
  • asombrarMis reservas se refieren, en particular, a las siguientes enmiendas, cosa que no asombrará a sus Señorías: se trata de las enmiendas 44 y 54 relativas al fundamento jurídico. It will come as no surprise that my reservations relate, in particular, to Amendments Nos 44 and 54 on the legal basis. A nadie de nosotros le asombrará que entre estos países, que violan de forma estructural, sistemática y continua los derechos humanos, se encuentre China. It will come as no surprise to anyone here that one of the countries accused of systematic and continual human rights violations is China. Por supuesto, su Señoría no se asombrará de que, al cogerme por sorpresa con una pregunta tan concreta, no tenga a mano los datos. Mr Stenmarck will not be surprised to learn that when he bombards me with such a specific factual question that I do not have the information at my fingertips.
  • pasmar

Definition of surprise

  • Something unexpected
  • The feeling that something unexpected has happened
  • A dish covered with a crust of raised pastry, but with no other contents
  • To cause to feel unusually alarmed or delighted by something unexpected
  • To do something to that they are not expecting, as a surprise
  • To undergo or witness something unexpected
  • To cause surprise
  • To take unawares


  • It was a surprise to find out I owed twice as much as I thought I did
  • Imagine my surprise on learning I owed twice as much as I thought I did
  • It surprises me that I owe twice as much as I thought I did.
  • He doesn’t know that I’m in the country – I thought I’d turn up at his house and surprise him.
  • He doesn’t surprise easily.

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