Finnish-English translations for apulainen

  • assistant
    an assistant surgeon
  • accomplice
  • acolyte
  • aid
    He came to my aid when I was founderingSlimming aids include dietary supplements and appetite suppressantsThe incompetent generals brilliant aid often made priceless suggestions
  • aide
  • ancillary
  • associate
    The associate editor is someone who has some experience in editing but not sufficient experience to qualify for a senior postHe is an associate member of the clubassociate motions: those that occur sympathetically, in consequence of preceding motions
  • attendant
    Give your keys to the parking attendants and they will park your car for youThey promoted him to supervisor, with all the attendant responsibilities and privilegesthe widow attendant to the heir
  • deputy
    the deputy of a princeThe deputy sheriff was promoted after his senior retiredAs the deputy store manager, he is able to fire staff
  • hand
    Her hands are really strongan old hand at speaking; large farms need many farm handsBob gave Alice a hand to move the furniture
  • help
    I need some help with my homeworkHe was a great help to me when I was moving houseIve printed out a list of math helps
  • helper
  • sidekick

Definition of apulainen

  • henkilö, joka auttaa työssä tai tehtävässä, avustaja

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