Finnish-English translations for kajauttaa

  • slam
    Dont slam the door!Dont slam that trunk down on the pavement!Dont ever slam me in front of the boss like that again!
  • sound
    He was safe and sound.In horse management a sound horse is one with no health problems that might affect its suitability for its intended work.Fred assured me the floorboards were sound.
  • whack
    Cmon. Take a whack at it.40 bucks a whack.Its a whack!
  • belt out
    He belted out Sweet Child of Mine at the karaoke.Lively show tunes being belted out by the pianist on the grand piano.The jukebox belted out tunes from the fifties, and waiters shouted food orders to the cooks behind the enormous steel counter.

Definition of kajauttaa


  • Pikku-Pekka kajautti ilmoille intiaanihuudon.
  • Liisa kajautti häntä ahdistellutta häirikköä kassilla päähän. is a free online dictionary with more than 14 million translations.

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