Finnish-English translations for kansalaisopisto

  • adult
    an adult human, animal, or plantadult clothesan adult movie
  • adult education centre/center
  • center
    shopping center, convention center, civic center, garment center, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Rockefeller Centerthe center of the controversythe center of attention
  • centre
  • community college
  • education
    Good education is essential for a well-run societyHe has had a classical educationThe educations our children receive depend on their economic status
  • folk
    folk psychology; folk linguisticsYoung folk, old folk, everybody come, / To our little Sunday School and have a lot of fun
  • folk high school
  • high school

Definition of kansalaisopisto

  • varsinkin aikuisille yleissivistävää opetusta tarjoava oppilaitos

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