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  • motorcycleUp to now, a warm motorcycle was tested at 50 km. Lämmin moottoripyörä on toistaiseksi testattu 50 kilometrin nopeudessa. A motorcycle, however, is a very different product from a car in technical terms. Moottoripyörä on kuitenkin teknisenä tuotteena hyvin erilainen kuin henkilöauto. BMW have had a motorcycle equipped with a catalytic converter on the market for a long time. BMW:llä on ollut jo kauan markkinoilla katalysaattorilla varustettu moottoripyörä.
  • bike
    I biked so much yesterday that Im very sore todayIt was such a nice day I decided to bike to the store, though its far enough I usually take my car
  • chopper
  • motorbike
    We motorbiked all over the US that summer

Definition of moottoripyörä

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