Finnish-English translations for nokka

  • bill
  • beak
  • nib
  • cam
  • goreThe bull gored the gore an apron
  • head-ona head-on approach to a problemGetting into a head-on collision is dangerous.He was injured in a head-on with a larger vehicle.
  • ness
  • nose/translations
  • point
    The Congress debated the finer points of the billThere comes a point in a marathon when some people give upAt this point in the meeting, Id like to propose a new item for the agenda
  • promontory
  • rostrum
  • schnozzle
  • snout
    The pig rooted around in the dirt with its snout.His glasses kept slipping further down onto his prominent snout.If you place the snout right into the bucket, it wont spray as much.
  • spoutI dropped my china teapot, and its spout broke.Water spouts from a hole.The whale spouted.
  • tappet

Definition of nokka


  • lyödä nokkaan

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