Finnish-English translations for uskoutua

  • confideI confide this mission to you alone.I could no longer keep this secret alone; I decided to confide in my brother.After several drinks, I confided my problems to the barman.
  • trust
    He needs to regain her trust if he is ever going to win her back.I was out of cash, but the landlady let me have it on trust.I put the house into my sisters trust.
  • apply
    to apply cream to a rashto apply funds to the repayment of a debtWe need to apply the skills weve learned to solve this problem
  • confide in
  • in
    The dog is in the kennel.pickles in a jarliving in the city;a tree in the parkWe are in the enemy camp.   Her plane is in the air

Definition of uskoutua


  • Voit uskoutua minulle.

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