Finnish-English translations for ylenpalttisuus

  • abundance
  • extravagance
  • opulence
    Opulence and waste are unacceptable when the tragedy of hunger is assuming ever greater proportions. Ylenpalttisuus ja tuhlaaminen ovat tuomittavia, kun nälkätragedia saa yhä suuremmat mittasuhteet.
  • overindulgence
    He blames his overindulgence in food for his expanding waistline.
  • plethora
    The menu offers a plethora of cuisines from around the world.
  • profusion
    His hair, in great profusion, streamed down over his shoulders.
  • surfeit
    A surfeit of wheat is driving down the price.King Henry I is said to have died of a surfeit of lampreys.She surfeited her children on sweets.

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