English-French translations for i love you

  • je t'aimeJuste avant la Saint-Valentin, on dit à M. Barroso: "je t'aime, moi non plus, et, de toute façon, on ne te croit pas, mais on va voter pour toi". It is just before St Valentine's Day, and Mr Barroso is being told: 'I love you, but I do not love you. I do not believe you, but I am going to vote for you anyway'.
  • je vous aime
  • je t'adore
  • je t’aime
  • je vous adore

Definition of i love you


  • "I love you, Mom," said Candace.
  • "I love you, Camille," said Dan.
  • I love you, man, but you need some professional help.

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