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  • fábricaLas fábricas están enfrentadas entre sí, al igual que los trabajadores. Factory is pitted against factory and worker against worker. De hecho, ¡somos una fábrica de palabras! In fact we are a 'word factory' ! En Hungría ha cerrado una de sus cinco fábricas. In Hungary one factory in five has closed down.
  • factoría
  • plantaEn primer lugar, ¿qué se puede hacer para evitar el cierre de la planta de Azambuja? Firstly, what can be done to prevent the closure of the Azambuja factory? La planta de Terni no es tan solo una fábrica, sino que forma parte de la ciudad. The Terni plant is not a mere factory; it is an integral part of the town. En tales casos, a menudo hay una planta industrial inundada o alguna otra fábrica que causa más daño que el agua en sí. In such cases there is often a flooded industrial plant or another factory that causes more harm than the water damage itself.

Definition of factory

  • A trading establishment, especially set up by merchants working in a foreign country
  • The position or state of being a factor
  • A device which produces or manufactures something
  • In a computer program or library, a function, method, etc. which creates an object
  • A police station
  • Having come from the factory in the state it is currently in; original, stock


  • chicken factory; pig factory
  • See how theres another layer of metal there? Thats not factory

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