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  • periódicoHe leído sobre ello en los periódicos. I read about it in the newspapers. Un artículo en el periódico de esta mañana. An article in this morning's newspaper. Usmanov compró el periódico Kommersant. Usmanov bought the newspaper Kommersant.
  • diarioSu odisea aparece en el diario israelí Ha' aretz. Her epic ordeal was recorded in the Israeli newspaper Ha' aretz. Una reciente entrevista concedida a un diario alemán ha sembrado cierta confusión. A recent interview with a German newspaper stirred up some turmoil. ¿Ha acabado en empate, tal como afirmaba el artículo de un diario que he podido leer? Has the game ended in a draw, as I saw one newspaper article assert?
  • papel de periódico
  • rotativoCon mi voto he querido mostrar explícitamente mi rechazo a las presiones e intimidaciones que las autoridades italianas ejercen sobre los rotativos nacionales y europeos. I wanted my vote to explicitly reflect my disapproval of the Italian authorities placing any pressure on European national newspapers or intimidating them. Un importante rotativo francés calificaba que, en nombre de un antisionismo, proclamado lejos del conflicto israelo-palestino, renace una nueva forma de antisemitismo normalizado. An important French newspaper stated that, in the name of anti-Zionism, proclaimed far from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, anti-Semitism is re-remerging in a new normalised form.

Definition of newspaper

  • A publication, usually published daily or weekly and usually printed on cheap, low-quality paper, containing news and other articles
  • A quantity of or one of the types of paper on which newspapers are printed
  • To cover with newspaper
  • To engage in the business of journalism (usually used only in the gerund, newspapering
  • To harass in newspaper articles


  • She newspapered one end of the room before painting the bookcase
  • He newspapered his way through the South on the sports beat, avoiding dry towns
  • He was newspapered out of public life

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