Finnish-English translations for tahti

  • cadence
    The cadence in a galliard step refers to the final leap in a cinquepace sequence.
  • rhythm
    Dance to the rhythm of the music.Most dances have a rhythm as distinctive as the Iambic verse in poetryOnce you get the rhythm of it, the job will become easy.
  • bar
    The window was protected by steel barsAncient Sparta used iron bars instead of handy coins in more valuable alloy, to physically discourage the use of moneyWe are expecting a carload of bar tomorrow
  • beat
    a beat of the heart; the beat of the pulseto walk the beatthe beat of him
  • measure
    a measure of saltHonesty is the true measure of a manThe villagers paid a tithe of a thousand measures of corn
  • pace
    The scenario and pace are now quite different. Näkymät ja tahti ovat nyt aivan toisenlaiset. The pace of the economy in the globalised society requires this. Maailmanlaajuistuneessa yhteiskunnassa talouden tahti edellyttää tätä. I appeal to the Council and Commission to keep up with the pace of work. Vetoan neuvostoon ja komission, jotta työn tahti säilytettäisiin.
  • rate
    As regards payments, the rate of increase is higher and that is also reasonable. Maksuissa korotuksen tahti on kovempi ja se on myös järkevää. We must face the fact that the rate of biodiversity decline and loss in Europe and throughout the world continues to increase. On pakko todeta, että biologisen monimuotoisuuden vähenemisen ja katoamisen tahti Euroopassa ja maailmalla kiihtyy koko ajan. At the height of his powers, he was producing pictures at the rate of four a year
  • stroke
    She gave the cat a strokea stroke on the chinthe stroke of a birds wing in flying, or of an oar in rowing
  • tempo

Definition of tahti

  • säännöllisiin mittoihin jaetun ajan tai toiminnan yksi jakso
  • toiminnan nopeus, rytmi, tapa



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