English-Finnish translations for relish

  • herkutella
  • nautiskella
  • nauttiaLopuksi haluan myös todeta, että meidän täytyy nauttia tästä voitosta ja valmistautua tulevaisuutta varten. To conclude, we must relish the victory and prepare for the future. Makoilen rannalla ja nautin auringosta.Onkohan herra nauttinut?

Definition of relish

  • A pleasant taste
  • enjoyment; pleasure
  • A quality or characteristic tinge
  • A taste ; liking ; fondness
  • A cooked or pickled sauce, usually made with vegetables or fruits, generally used as a condiment
  • In a wooden frame, the projection or shoulder at the side of, or around, a tenon, on a tenoned piece
  • To taste or eat with pleasure, to like the flavor of
  • To taste; to have a specified taste or flavour.
  • To give a taste to; to cause to taste nice, to make appetizing.
  • To give pleasure


  • He relishes their time together.
  • I dont relish the idea of going out tonight.

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