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  • excusaNo vale esgrimir ninguna excusa. We cannot come up with excuses. Pero no hay excusas que valgan. There are no excuses, however. Las excusas y las promesas ya no sirven. Excuses and promises are no use.
  • excusarEsto no puede excusar todo con lo que nos hemos topado. That cannot excuse everything that we came across. No se puede excusar a Túnez simplemente porque haya otros países en que las mujeres sean socialmente inferiores. It cannot be excused in Tunisia just because there are other countries where women are socially inferior. De hecho utilizamos a los proteccionistas de los Estados Unidos en la esfera agrícola para excusar nuestro propio proteccionismo. We do in fact use the United States's protectionists in the agricultural sphere to excuse our own protectionism.
  • descripción
  • disculpaEn segundo lugar, me gustaría presentar mis disculpas ante el señor Reul. Secondly, I would like to offer Mr Reul's excuses.
  • disculparPodemos disculpar los prejuicios o combatirlos. We can excuse prejudices or we can oppose them. Señor Presidente, me van a tener que disculpar porque estoy sin voz. Mr President, you will have to excuse the fact that I have lost my voice. Por tanto, quisiera pedirles que tengan a bien disculpar su ausencia aquí, que se debe realmente a razones de urgencia. I would therefore earnestly request that you excuse his absence; it really is for urgent reasons.
  • explicaciónNo se trata de una excusa, en absoluto, sino de una explicación real, pura y dura. This is in no way an excuse, but it is a real, hard-core explanation. No se debe tomar como excusa, sino como una explicación de por qué se citan esas directivas en relación con el incumplimiento. This should not be taken as an excuse, but an explanation of why these directives are cited for lack of implementation. Voy a terminar aquí. Por favor, perdone que mi discurso haya sido algo largo, pero quería dar una explicación detallada del progreso del SIS II y el VIS. I shall finish here - please excuse me for my rather lengthy speech, but I really wanted to give a detailed account of the progress of SIS II and VIS.
  • perdonarMe va a perdonar, señor Presidente, pero, sin ánimo de faltar al respeto al Sr. Watson que tengo en gran estima, me ha venido a la mente Sherlock Holmes y su fiel ayudante Watson. You will excuse me, Mr President, I mean no lack of respect to Mr Watson, whom I like a lot, but I could not help thinking of Sherlock Holmes and his faithful ally, Dr Watson.
  • pretextoEl horror que produce no tiene excusa ni pretexto. Its wicked persona is not to be excused or ameliorated.

Definition of excuse

  • To forgive; to pardon
  • To allow to leave, or release from any obligation
  • To provide an excuse for; to explain, with the aim of alleviating guilt or negative judgement
  • To relieve of an imputation by apology or defense; to make apology for as not seriously evil; to ask pardon or indulgence for
  • Explanation designed to avoid or alleviate guilt or negative judgment; a plea offered in extenuation of a fault
  • A defense to a criminal or civil charge wherein the accused party admits to doing acts for which legal consequences would normally be appropriate, but asserts that special circumstances relieve that party of culpability for having done those acts


  • I excused him his transgressions.
  • May I be excused from the table?
  • I excused myself from the proceedings to think over what Id heard.
  • You know he shouldnt have done it, so dont try to excuse his behavior!
  • Tell me why you were late – and I dont want to hear any excuses!
  • That thing is a poor excuse for a gingerbread man. Hasnt anyone taught you how to bake?
  • Hes a sorry excuse of a doctor.

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