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  • grupoComposición de los Grupos políticos Membership of political groups Señor Presidente, mi Grupo respeta a los demás grupos. Mr President, my group respects the other groups. Cada grupo social es diferente. Each social group is different.
  • agruparVoy a agrupar las intervenciones en cuatro temas. I will group the interventions into four points. Quizá pueda agrupar las cuestiones en seis grupos de enmiendas que podría comentar uno a uno. Perhaps I could group the questions around six groups of amendments on which I can comment one by one. El informe Musotto reitera la voluntad de agrupar la legislación en materia de lucha contra el fraude. The Musotto report reiterates the desire to group together anti-fraud legislation.
  • agruparseEso no significa reducir los derechos de los diputados que no quieran agruparse por razón de sus afinidades políticas. This does not mean reducing the rights of Members who do not want to join a group due to their political affinities.
  • arremeterse
  • genteHa habido gente de los Grupos del PSE y del PPE-DE que le han dado la espalda y se han ido. People in the PSE and the PPE-DE Groups turned their backs and walked out. Así que hay un grupo bastante importante de gente que ha contribuido al éxito de hoy. So it was quite a group of people who contributed to today's success. en nombre del Grupo ALDE. - Señor Presidente, la gente de Zimbabue ha sufrido horriblemente. on behalf of the ALDE Group. - Mr President, the people of Zimbabwe have suffered horrendously.

Definition of group


  • there is a group of houses behind the hill;  he left town to join a Communist group
  • A group of people gathered in front of the Parliament to demonstrate against the Prime Ministers proposals
  • Did you see the new jazz group?
  • Nitro is an electron-withdrawing group
  • group the dogs by hair colour

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