Finnish-English translations for nokare

  • dab
    I dabbed my face with a towelHe dabbed moisturizing liquid on his facea dab of glue
  • blob
  • dollopEach pancake comes with a dollop of suspiciously soft butter in a tiny plastic cupShe dolloped a generous quantity of mustard on her hot dog
  • gob
    He′s always stuffing his gob with fast foodOi, you, shut your gob!Shes got such a gob on her – she′s always gossiping about someone or other
  • pat
    To show affection, he decided he would pat the boy on the head.I patted the cookie dough into shapeDo you want to pat the cat?
  • touch
    If you touch her, Ill kill youHe quickly touched his knee to the worn marble.The demonstrator nearly touched the rod on the ball.

Definition of nokare

  • pieni palanen jotakin kiinteää ainetta

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