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  • story
    Mine, Mr Stoyanov, is a real story from that time. Minun tarinani, hyvä Dimitar Stoyanov, on todellinen tarina kyseiseltä ajalta. This is indeed a separate story. Tämä on itse asiassa aivan toinen tarina. This is another interesting story. Se on toinen mielenkiintoinen tarina.
  • taleHere ends the tale of my report. Tähän loppuu tarina mietinnöstäni. It is a sorry tale of Commission misdemeanour. Tämä surullinen tarina kertoo komission väärinkäytöksistä. draftsman. - (DE) Mr President, the history of the people of Israel is an endless tale of expulsions. laatija. - (DE) Arvoisa puhemies, Israelin kansan historia on loputon tarina karkotuksista.
  • anecdote
    That true anecdote says a lot about the lack of coordination and cooperation between the Member States and the Union. Tuo tosi tarina kertoo paljon jäsenvaltioiden ja unionin välisen koordinaation ja yhteistyön puutteesta.
  • buffeting
  • fable
  • fairy taleI used to love reading fairy tales when I was a child.Hes telling us another fairy tale about how great the software will be.
  • flutter
    flags fluttering in the windA bird flutters its wingsthe flutter of a fan
  • jolt
    The bus jolted its passengers at every turn.I jolted her out of complacency.Her untimely death jolted us all.
  • mythology
  • narrative
    the narrative thrust of a filmThe plot is full of holes, but the narrative is extremely compelling
  • sagaMr President, the Ariane saga has come to an end. Arvoisa puhemies, Arianen tarina loppui. But this saga is a litany of failure. Tämä tarina on kuitenkin litania epäonnistumisia. Mr President, this is the on-going saga of leghold traps. Arvoisa puhemies, ansarautojen tarina ei näytä päättyvän.
  • shimmyHe shimmied up the flagpole.The static made her dress shimmy up her leg.
  • tremorShe felt a tremor in her stomach before going on stage.The optometrist has been losing patients ever since he developed tremors in his hand.Did you feel the tremor this morning?
  • yarn

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