English-Finnish translations for priority

  • prioriteetti
    Tämän tulisi olla meille nyt prioriteetti. This should be a priority for us now. Toinen prioriteetti on vahvempi Eurooppa. The second priority is a stronger Europe. Neljäs prioriteetti on omat varat. The fourth priority concerns own resources.
  • tärkeys
    Meiltä tämän painopisteen tärkeys vaatisi paljon enemmän. The importance of this priority required much more of us. Haluaisin tässä yhteydessä painottaa, että kielteiset päätökset perustuvat ainoastaan arviointiin, jossa otetaan huomioon hankkeen laatu ja luonnollisesti sen tärkeys. I should stress that acceptance of a project proposal is based solely on considerations such as quality, and of course the priority which the project merits.
  • tärkeysjärjestys
  • tavoite
    Siitä on jopa tehtävä ensisijainen tavoite. It must even become a priority. Tämä on ehdottomasti ensisijainen tavoite. That is the number one priority. Koulutuksen on oltava ensisijainen tavoite. Education must be a major priority.

Definition of priority

  • An item's relative importance
  • A goal of a person or an organisation
  • The quality of being earlier or coming first compared to another thing; the state of being prior. is this not just same as sense 1?--
  • A superior claim to use by virtue of being validly published at an earlier date
  • Precedence; superior rank


  • He set his e-mail messages priority to high
  • She needs to get her priorities straight and stop playing games
  • In bankruptcy law, a business debt to its employees has priority over its debt to a landlord, so the employees must be paid first


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