English-Italian translations for become

  • affaticarsi
  • asciugarsi
  • diventarePuò diventare molto complicato. It can become more complicated. L'Europa non deve diventare una fortezza. Europe must not become a fortress. Come diventare più competitivi? How can we become more competitive?
  • insaporirsi
  • stamparsi
  • trasformarsiTuttavia, può trasformarsi in un dispotismo illuminato. However, it can become an enlightened despotism. Siamo entusiasticamente in attesa di vedere la Cina trasformarsi in un paese in pace. We are full of energy for China to become a country at peace. Il Consiglio deve svolgere il suo ruolo di legislatore e non trasformarsi in esecutore. The Council should play its legislative role and not become an executive.

Definition of become


  • What became of him after he was let go?
  • It hath becomen so that many a man had to sterve
  • She became a doctor when she was 25
  • The weather will become cold after the sun goes down
  • That dress really becomes you

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