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  • cuál¿Cuáles se podrán ver y cuáles no? Which will be seen and which not? ¿Cuáles son los países seguros? Which are these safe countries? Sin embargo, no sabemos cuáles son cada uno de esos productos. However, we do not know which is which.
  • cualTras lo cual paso al último punto. Which brings me to my final point. Lo cual constituye una experiencia totalmente nueva. This is something which is totally new. A este respecto hay un asunto sobre el cual todos estamos de acuerdo. There is a point here which we all share.
  • queEs una apuesta que debe ganarse. It is a bet which must be won. Es el sistema el que está mal. It is this system which is wrong. Tenemos una base sobre la que actuar. We have the basis on which to act.
  • quién¿Quién es responsable de qué política? Who is responsible for which policy? ¿Quién va a decidir qué vida merece la pena ser vivida? Who is to decide which life is worth living? ¿Quién puede predecir, hoy por hoy, quién va a entrar y quién no va a entrar? Now who can say which will be in and which will be out?
  • quien que

Definition of which

  • What, of those mentioned or implied
  • The one or ones mentioned
  • What one or ones (of those mentioned or implied
  • Who; whom; what (of those mentioned or implied
  • Used of people (now generally , or
  • An occurrence of the word ''which''


  • Which song shall we play?
  • They couldnt decide which song to play
  • Which one is bigger?
  • Show me which one is bigger
  • He once owned a painting of the house, which painting would later be stolen
  • For several seconds he sat in silence, during which time the tea and sandwiches arrived
  • Im thinking of getting a new car, in which case Id get a red one
  • Which is which?
  • By now, you must surely know which is which
  • Which is bigger, the red one or the blue one?
  • Im unable to determine which is bigger
  • He walked by a door with a sign, which read: PRIVATE OFFICE
  • A situation in which tensions are high
  • He had to leave, which was very difficult
  • No art can be properly understood apart from the culture of which it is a part

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