Finnish-English translations for nukahtaa

  • fall asleep
    My left leg has fallen asleep!
  • get off
    Get off your chair and help me.Get off! Youre crushing me!Get your butt off your chair and help me.
  • pad out
    Some students pad out their essays by adding a whole lot of quotes from random sources.Have you heard about girls padding out their bras to make their breasts look bigger?Because of my job I usually pad out just before nine oclock.
  • sleep
    You should sleep 8 hours a dayWhen a top is sleeping, it is spinning but not precessing.This caravan can sleep four people comfortably

Definition of nukahtaa


  • Aamuyöstä varhain lauantaina kotiin palannut mies nukahti suihkuun. (
  • Toiseen päähän ei tullut maaleja, vaikka AU:n puolustuskin pari kertaa nukahti.

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