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  • mirarNo olvidemos, en todo caso, que los países de la ampliación nos mirarán con ojos atentos. The enlargement countries will be watching our activities with interest too. De ahí se deduce que cuando Europa habla de democracia, más vale mirar dónde pisamos. It follows that when Europe talks about democracy, we do well to watch our step. En sí algo increíble, y mientras tanto el Consejo de Ministros se limitaba a mirar sin hacer nada. This seems incredible in itself, yet the Council of Ministers just stood by and watched.
  • relojSegún mi reloj, acabamos de empezar el último día de nuestro trabajo legislativo. According to my watch, we have just started on the last day of our legislative work. Debemos recordar que no importa cuántos relojes tengamos, sino cómo usamos nuestro tiempo. We need to remember that it does not matter how many watches we have, but how we spend our time. Una cosa es que falsifiquen un reloj o ropa de marca, pero es mucho más grave si lo que falsifican son medicamentos. It is one thing to have a watch or designer clothing counterfeited, but it is far more serious if it is a medicine.
  • vigilarSiria debe vigilar sus fronteras para alcanzar este objetivo. Syria needs to watch its borders to achieve this aim. Se trata de una cuestión que habrá que vigilar con sumo cuidado. This is an issue to be watched very carefully. Tenemos que vigilar el equilibrio entre las instituciones. We must keep a watchful eye over the balance between the institutions.
  • atisbar
  • mirar fijamente
  • monitorizar
  • observarObservaré con detenimiento el desarrollo futuro. I will watch developments with care. Observarán lo que hacemos y nos juzgarán. They will watch what we do and judge us. No podemos quedarnos parados a observar. We cannot stand by and watch this happen.
  • peluco
  • tener cuidadoDebemos estar alerta y vigilantes; tener cuidado con los huevos de la serpiente, como nos enseñó Ingmar Bergman. We have to be alert and watchful; beware of the eggs of the snake, as Ingmar Bergman taught us. Si eso es así, Consejo, deben tener cuidado porque la buena vida que se han llevado hasta ahora no continuará. If that is so, Council, you will really need to watch your step, because you will be unable to continue in the same vein. Las veo venir, y en mi opinión debemos tener cuidado, pues sabemos de sobra que se trata de factores que aumentan la peligrosidad. I can see this happening and I think we need to watch out because we know this would only make the situation more dangerous.

Definition of watch

  • A portable or wearable timepiece
  • The act of guarding and observing someone or something
  • A particular time period when guarding is kept
  • A person or group of people who guard
  • The post or office of a watchman; also, the place where a watchman is posted, or where a guard is kept
  • A group of sailors and officers aboard a ship or shore station with a common period of duty: ''starboard watch'', ''port watch''
  • The act of seeing, or viewing, for a period of time
  • To look at, see, or view for a period of time
  • To observe over a period of time; to notice or pay attention
  • To mind, attend, or guard
  • To be wary or cautious of
  • To attend to dangers to or regarding
  • To remain awake with a sick or dying person; to maintain a vigil
  • To act as a lookout
  • To be awake
  • To be on the lookout for; to wait for expectantly


  • More people today carry a watch on their wrists than in their pockets.
  • The second watch of the night began at midnight.
  • The watch stopped the travelers at the city gates.
  • Watching the clock will not make time go faster
  • Im tired of watching TV
  • Watch this!
  • Put a little baking soda in some vinegar and watch what happens
  • Please watch my suitcase for a minute
  • He has to watch the kids that afternoon
  • You should watch that guy. He has a reputation for lying
  • watch your head; watch your step
  • Watch yourself when you talk to him
  • Watch what you say
  • For some must watch, while some must sleep: So runs the world away

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