Finnish-English translations for asuttaa

  • inhabit
    The Inuit inhabit the Arctic.Strange thoughts inhabit my mind.
  • settle
    His fears were settledShe hopes to settle and questions about the plansThe question of the succession to a throne needs to be settled
  • colonise
  • colonize
  • occupyThe film occupied three hours of my timeThe film occupied me for three hoursI occupy myself with gardening for a few hours every day
  • people
    By taking positive action, we can rehouse people in rural areas, re-vitalize rural communities and take some of the pressure off urban areas. Ryhtymällä myönteisiin toimiin voimme asuttaa ihmisiä uudelleen maaseutualueille, elvyttää maaseutuyhteisöjä ja lievittää jonkin verran kaupunkialueisiin kohdistuvia paineita. There were so many people at the restaurant last nightMy people lived through the Black Plague and the Thirty Years War
  • seat
    There are two hundred seats in this classroomHe sat on the arm of the chair rather than the seat, which always annoyed his motherthe seat of a saddle

Definition of asuttaa

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