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  • saber¿Cómo pueden saber que va a llegar? How can you know it will come? Quisiera saber su opinión a este respecto. I wanted to know your thoughts. No basta con saber 'quién?, también debemos saber 'por qué?. It is not enough to know 'who'. We must also know 'why'.
  • conocerNecesitamos conocer todas esas cosas. We need to know all these things. Tengo la suerte de conocer a muchos de ellos. I am fortunate to know many of them.
  • entender de
  • estar informadoNecesitan comprender, estar informados, participar y saber cómo pueden influir en su propio destino. They need to understand, to be informed, to be involved and to know how they can influence their own destiny. Se habla mucho de los derechos de los consumidores a estar informados acerca de los alimentos, los aparatos o los accesorios domésticos que compran. Much is said about the rights of consumers to know about the food, domestic equipment or home fittings which they buy.
  • saber de

Definition of know


  • I know that I’m right and you’re wrong
  • He knew something terrible was going to happen
  • Did you know Michelle and Jack were getting divorced? ― Yes, I knew
  • She knows where I live
  • I knew he was upset, but I didnt understand why
  • I know your mother, but I’ve never met your father
  • Their relationship knew ups and downs
  • to know a persons face or figure
  • to know right from wrong
  • I wouldnt know one from the other
  • Let me do it. I know how it works
  • She knows how to swim
  • His mother tongue is Italian, but he also knows French and English
  • She knows chemistry better than anybody else
  • Know your enemy and know yourself
  • It is vital that he not know
  • She knew of our plan
  • He knows about 19th century politics
  • Did you know Michelle and Jack were getting divorced? ― Yes, I knew
  • Do you know "Blueberry Hill"?

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