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  • derecho¡Los derechos iguales son derechos humanos! Equal rights are human rights! Los derechos de las mujeres son derechos humanos. Women's rights are human rights. Los derechos de la mujer son derechos humanos. Women’s rights are human rights.
  • derecha(Vivos aplausos de la derecha) (Loud applause from the right) No se trata de la izquierda o la derecha. This is not about left or right. (Aplausos prolongados de la derecha) (Sustained applause from the right)
  • a la derecha
  • correctoEste es el camino correcto que hay que seguir. That is the right path to take. Creo que eso es totalmente correcto. I think that is absolutely right. En mi opinión, son equilibrados y correctos. I regard them as well balanced and right.
  • justoHemos de lograr el equilibrio justo. We must get the balance right. Esto no es justo ni tampoco inteligente. It is not right and nor is it smart. ¿Es esto justo, sensato, equilibrado? Is this right? Is it sensible or fair?
  • rectoEs, al contrario, una iniciativa que se inscribe en el camino recto de la construcción europea menos centrada en los desafíos nacionales. It is the logical continuation of the directive giving Europeans living in another country the right to vote at the time of local elections in their host country. Otra medida de la fuerza de una democracia es que puede mostrarse dura, pero garantizando al mismo tiempo a los ciudadanos rectos y respetuosos con la ley sus derechos civiles fundamentales. Another measure of a democracy’s strength, though, is that it is able, at the same time, to show itself tough and also to guarantee its upright and law-abiding citizens their fundamental civil rights.
  • a la diestra
  • corregirPor eso tenemos que corregir la situación. That is why we have to get this right. La Sra. Randzio-Plath ha hecho bien en corregir la lista de su Grupo. Mrs Randzio-Plath was right to correct her group’s list. Y hacen falta dos cosas para corregir lo que está mal en Irlanda. And to put things right in Ireland, two things are necessary.
  • de derecha
  • de derechas
  • de la derecha(Vivos aplausos de la derecha) (Loud applause from the right) (Aplausos del centro y de la derecha) (Applause from the centre and right) (Aplausos prolongados de la derecha) (Sustained applause from the right)
  • diestra
  • perpendicular
  • rectangular
  • sano¿Qué empresario en su sano juicio mantendría dos fábricas? What businessman in his right mind would keep two factories? Nadie en su sano juicio se opondría a esta idea. Nobody in their right mind will be opposed to this. Ningún agricultor en su sano juicio usaría un producto químico que fuera peligroso para la salud pública. No farmer in his right mind would use a chemical which is dangerous to public health.
  • valeTal vez tengan razón, pero más vale tarde que nunca. Maybe they are right; but better late than never. Tenía razón al decir, "más vale prevenir que curar". He was right to say, 'a stitch in time saves nine'. El informe Sterckx sobre los derechos de los pasajeros es algo por lo que vale la pena luchar. The Sterckx report on passengers' rights is worth fighting for.
  • verdadEso es verdad, pero solo en parte. That is right, but only in part. Tenemos derecho a conocer la verdad. We have a right to know the truth. La verdad no puede ser de izquierdas ni de derechas. The truth cannot be right-wing or left-wing.
  • ¿cierto?
  • ¿no?
  • ¿vale?
  • ¿verdad?

Definition of right



  • a right line
  • The kitchen counter formed a right angle with the back wall.
  • a right triangle, a right prism, a right cone
  • I thought youd made a mistake, but it seems you were right all along.
  • Its not right that one person gets all the credit for the groups work.
  • Is this the right software for my computer?
  • Im afraid my father is no longer in his right mind.
  • Youve made a right mess of the kitchen!
  • After the accident, her right leg was slightly shorter than her left.
  • the right side of a piece of cloth
  • The arrow landed right in the middle of the target
  • Luckily we arrived right at the start of the film
  • Cant you see it? Its right beside you!
  • Tom was standing right in front of the TV, blocking everyones view
  • I made a right stupid mistake there, didnt I?
  • I stubbed my toe a week ago and it still hurts right much
  • Do it right or dont do it at all
  • Sir, I am right glad to meet you &hellip
  • Members of the Queens Privy Council are styled The Right Honourable for life
  • The Right Reverend Monsignor Guido Sarducci
  • - After that interview, I dont think we should hire her.
    - Right — who wants lunch?
  • Youre going, right?
  • Were on the side of right in this contest
  • You have no right to go through my personal diary
  • see also in right of
  • The pharmacy is just on the right past the bookshop
  • The political right holds too much power
  • Righting all the wrongs of the war immediately will be impossible
  • The tow-truck righted what was left of the automobile.
  • When the wind died down, the ship righted.
  • to right the oppressed

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