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  • conducirEs fabuloso poder conducir con eso. It is wonderful to drive with it. ¿Es peligroso conducir esos vehículos? Is it dangerous to drive these vehicles? Si la gente tiene coches, los conducirá. If people own cars, they will drive them.
  • guiarNo nos podemos guiar por las emociones; de otra forma nuestra credibilidad como legisladores quedará gravemente socavada. We cannot be driven by emotion; otherwise our credibility as legislators will be severely undermined. Contamos con usted, señor Topolánek, y con su Presidencia, para mostrar determinación y guiar a Europa durante este complicado periodo. We are counting on you, Mr Topolánek, on your Presidency, to show drive and to guide Europe during this difficult period. ¿Acaso es posible que dejemos morir a seres humanos por la única razón de que son pobres, y que la única lógica que parezca guiar a la humanidad hoy en día sea una lógica mercantil? Should we, for heaven's sake, be allowing human beings to die simply because they are poor and because the only logic that seems to drive mankind today is the logic of profit?
  • llevarLas meras palabras no nos llevarán al éxito. Words alone will not drive us to succeed. Alguien tiene que venir, recoger las piezas y llevar las cosas adelante. Someone needs to come and pick up the pieces and drive things forward. Si la UE está constantemente cambiando las normas, es posible que, a la larga, pueda llevar a todas las industrias a la ruina. If the EU constantly changes the rules, it will perhaps eventually drive every industry to ruin.
  • accionamiento
  • echar (fuera
  • empujeEuropa, a pesar de todos los pesares, conserva su empuje. Despite everything, Europe has maintained its drive. Requiere la promoción de buenas prácticas técnicas y requiere empuje, y ese empuje ha de mantenerse. It requires the incitements of good technical practice and it needs drive - and that drive needs to be maintained. Lamento tener que decir que este programa de trabajo carece, en cierto modo, de empuje. I am afraid I have to say that there is to some degree a lack of drive in this work programme.
  • flipar
  • impulsó
  • impulsoAvancemos en el impulso de la Ronda de Doha. We must drive forward the Doha Round. El cambio necesario surgirá de esta lucha y su impulso hacia el progreso. The necessary change will grow out of this struggle and its drive towards progress. Hasta ahora, el impulso para construir esta Unión ha procedido del interior. Hitherto, the drive for the building of this Union has come from within.
  • ir en coche/carro/auto
  • manejarSi nadie puede manejar este tipo de maquinaria habrá que llevar a gente de otros lugares que sepan cómo para hacer el trabajo. If there is nobody capable of driving this machinery, then you have to bring people in from somewhere else who know how to drive them and get them to be driven.
  • manejar Philippines
  • motivar
  • pulsión
  • volverLa última ronda de recortes y medidas de emergencia volverá a expulsar a cientos de ellos de la industria. This latest round of cuts and emergency measures will again drive hundreds more out of the industry. De ahora en adelante nutren las mentalidades pacíficas, volver atrás, arrojar de nuevo a los hombres al terrorismo, al odio ciego, ya no es concebible.They are conditioning people to think in terms of peace. To turn back, to drive men back into terrorism and blind hatred, is hardly conceivable. En algunos lugares de la Unión Europea actualmente hay gente que conduce dos horas para ir a trabajar y dos horas para volver a casa y viven en zonas superpobladas. In parts of the European Union at this moment people drive two hours to work in their cars, two hours home and live in overcrowded circumstances.

Definition of drive


  • Crassus had wealth and wit, but Pompey had drive and Caesar as much again
  • Napoleons drive on Moscow was as determined as it was disastrous
  • a typical steam drive, a nuclear drive; chain drive, gear drive; all-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, left-hand drive
  • Some old model trains have clockwork drives
  • It was a long drive
  • The mansion had a long, tree-lined drive
  • Beverly Hills’ most famous street is Rodeo Drive
  • a whist drive; a beetle drive
  • You drive nails into wood with a hammer
  • My wifes constant harping about the condition of the house threatens to drive me to distraction.
  • to drive twenty thousand head of cattle from Texas to the Kansas railheads; to drive sheep out of a field
  • You drive nails into wood with a hammer
  • The pistons drive the crankshaft
  • drive a car
  • What drives a person to run a marathon?
  • Their debts finally drove them to sell the business
  • This constant complaining is going to drive me to insanity.   You are driving me crazy!
  • I drive to work every day
  • My wife drove me to the airport

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